Monday, April 18, 2011


I have been hunting down a set of stamps by Donna Downey called She Says and it has been discontinued.

Went searching EVERYWHERE on the internet and NADA.  So I wrote to Bill Downey (Donna's husband) who is ultra cool and I say ... hey,  I WANT these!!!  He has none and yes, they have been discontinued.  Does that deter me?? Of course not!

Two weeks later (or this past Saturday) he sends me an email and says that Two Peas in a Bucket has 4 sets left.  I whip out my iPhone to immediately order them (as I drive because God forbid I should wait to get home to do this) and my phone freezes every damn time I try to check out.

So I call  my dear friend Jacquie - I was going to ask her to get on line and order them for me but she doesn't answer her cell.

So I call my daughter Kristina - she immediately proceeds to tell me that I have issues and that no, she is not home.  So now I call Leonor (my youngest daughter) who totally GETS me and orders them for me online.

So now (an hour later) Jacquie calls me... "You okay???  You called twice." (I don't normally do that).  So I proceed to tell her I had been having a panic attack but that my daughter took care of my "fix".  I told her about the stamps and why I absolutely HAD to have them.

Sunday we had a surprise party for her 50th birthday!  Oh, sorry Jacquie... her 40th birthday!  (Wink!!) Which was GREAT by the way!!! She was totally surprised and more than that - happy!

So Jacquie says to me... I think I have become Tracy (my sweet friend from Washington who absolutely can not handle me having something she does not have).

"Huh????" (Mind you, this is in the middle of her party).  "Yep, I pulled a Tracy.  When you called me yesterday and told me about that stamp set and that it had been discontinued I immediately whipped out my iPhone and Ordered them!!!  You can't have something i don't have!! Especially something that is discontinued!".

"Jacquie... honey... did you even LOOK at the set before you bought it?  Do you even know if you LIKE them?"

"No", she says, "too small on my phone.  Just figured if you had it, then I have to have it too".



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