Tuesday, April 12, 2011


If you guys have not taken their online classes you really HAVE TO!!  Julie is fun and easy going and Chris is the nicest lady you could imagine!  She has two books (I am not at home right now so can't remember the exact titles) which are like my BIBLES for color and for transfers.  One day I sent her an email with a question and she wrote me back immediately with advice!! Gotta love that!

There are tons of classes available on Julie's site LAND OF THE LOST LUGGAGE.  I have bought ALL of them except for two, Pixels and Paint and Texture Town which is their last one.  My favorite?????  Probably Super Nova 1 and 2 with Calm and Chaos a close second.  Every single one of these classes are full of videos, PDFs and the best part???? You go at your own pace and they are there for life!!!  Or pretty damn close to it!

Anyway, Julie is having this FANTASTIC giveaway!!!  If you buy a class, you get entered into a random drawing - if you win you get ALL their classes (including all future ones) for FREE!!!  How awesome would THAT be!!!

Her's her video:

FREE CLASSES FOR LIFE!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Way to go Julie!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for your support, Elena!