Monday, April 25, 2011

So here is the deal

The surgery went well. Successful I think is the word they used.

I slep two hours last night and am running on adrenaline. My mom seems fine... Very well actually ... Until she starts speaking.

Ready? A taste of my day... "Why did you bring me here?".
"Bring you where mom?".

 "To this place.".

"You are in a hospital mom.".

"In a hospital? This is not a hospital. Do you think I am stupid?"

So, I explain to her - for the 100th time... You had surgery... You are fine.. Everything came out great."

I even let her feel the bandage.

Not having it. Any of it.

"Why have you done this to me? I have always loved you?!".

Yep, now I am the one that caused her head injury!

Hates me... Will never forgive me...

She has calmed down this evening, I thought the craziness had passed. Not even close.

Our last little chit chat?

 "How did they choose you?".
"How did WHO choose me mom?'.
"Well, there are tons of women that work in this hospital... How did they choose you to take care of me?".
"Nobody chose me mom. I am here because I am your daughter."

She gives me this little chuckle... "Yeah. Right!"

Its going to be a long night. The nurses assure me that this is just the anesthetic and that it will wear off.

In the words of my mother...  Yeah. Right!!

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  1. Love it.... maybe I need a little of what she got!!!!!

  2. O God bless you Elena!
    Hang in there! It's always so hard to see our parents in such a state. Thank goodness the surgery was a success! Keep us updated!

  3. Whem my mom was in the hospital, she got 'Sundowners'. She was completely off her head and it took alot of weeks and patience until she was almost back to normal. I hope your mom is better soon.

  4. Will pray for you as well as your mom. I know it must be very frustrating. Glad the surgery was a success. Holding you all before the throne. . .