Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maddies First Birthday

Celebrated Maddies first birthday today at the beach. 

How cute is this kid!!!  She will be 1 on the 4th of May.  Already walking and with a little personality of her own.

My nieces, grand daughter and grand-nephew!!  Lord that makes me feel old.

Kaitlynn and Vince.  Vince is my niece Melissa's baby boy.  He is such a little man!!!  

I have no idea why she does this but she has been doing it for months now!!

It seems like every picture I have of Kristina, Derrick and the girls are exactly the same!

Kristina bought her a mini cake to destroy. She also got one for Kaitlynn at her first birthday party, but Katilynn didnt like being dirty. As you can see, Maddie does not have an issue with it!!!!

Maddie and her godfather Eric.  I really love Eric.  I am so glad that he will be her godfather.

My little "cherub".  

Tio Charlie and Maddie.

A doting Abuelo and Maddie.

I can't believe Maddie is already a year old!  And think about it.... my THIRD grand child is due in just 5 1/2 months!!  I really hope Kristina figured out how this happens!

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