Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What a week!!! I'm driving to Miami for Court every single day which in and of itself is a nightmare. I HATE driving to Miami - it takes hours to get past 20 miles of traffic! My clients are all brain dead this week - BRAIN F'IN DEAD!!! It's horrible!!! How stupid can people be????? Okay, I realize that divorce is traumatic and that hate gets in the way of good judgment but let's be REAL!!! On top of the fact that it's a stressful situation per se, the actions of some of these people amazes me even after 15 years of doing this!

And I come home to find my son and his fiance in the midst of their own "War of the Roses"! I could KILL him but first he's my son and I can't and second, going to prison at my age is just not an idea I relish. Why are men so STUPID?????? And of course I'm in a crappy situation - HE'S the jerk and HE'S my child!!! He is almost 30 years old for heaven's sake!!! When do I get a break????

Anyway, on to better things....

Our CIRCLE JOURNAL is getting under way! Sue Young, an amazing lady and artist has ALREADY not only DONE her covers, she has already forwarded it to the next artist!! UGGGHHH!!! Don't you just HATE over achievers?????? Everyone pretty much has their work done and ready to go but I have not even started mine!!! But I will have it ready to go by the 31st. I pretty much know what I want to do so it should be fast. The journey starts on the 31st! Can't wait!!!!!

Okay so this is the plan between now and Sunday:

1. I have to do 10 altered houses for Art4daSoul
2. I have to do 10 4x4 altered collages for the Provence Swap
3. I have to do 5 ATCs using Avery for PID
4. I have to do 6 altered collaged post cards for PID
5. I have to do 10 cards for OSA

PIECE OF CAKE!!! I figure if I don't work, eat or sleep I have just enough time.


  1. Hi Elena, Sorry you are having a crappy welcome back to home.....But, I am glad you had a wnderful time with your hubbyon your trip....
    I know you are tough though and will get all of your things done on time....

    Also, sorry about your son, but he is a MAN and for some reason they have to all be buttheads at times...hope things get better my dear

  2. Sorry your homecoming was less than grand, but I am happy you are safe and sound, well safe anyway. :) Don't get me started on what men are capable of.
    However, since you are a woman, you will survive this all with grace and humor.
    I have to admit, I admire people who can work under pressure and deadlines. I myself turn to mush if I don't organize myself and plan things out way in advance. You do have lots to do, but not only will you complete everything, it will all be wonderful. You go, girl!