Saturday, March 14, 2009


Okay, time to go home. Tomorrow we leave toward the Keys and should be home by early afternoon. It was such a relaxing week. Exactly what I needed. Wish it could have been longer but can't complain.... I get more than most. I miss my dogs. I really do! I feel recharged and ready to juggle the many balls I have up in the air!

I have the following swaps to do by the 31st: Provence, PID Postcards, Mardi Gras, Avery, Cabinet Cards... I have Tracy's album and Martha's album waiting for me for Ali's circle journal, I have to finish my covers for Through the Eyes of an Artist and get that package together.... Oh yeah, and I have to work too! I will be in Miami every single day next week which will make things a little difficult to spend time on art but I can juggle - I am the QUEEN of juggling!!!!

Lord!!! So much to do and so little time! But I work best under pressure! Glutton for punishment!

Spent the day with Kaitlynn today.... she is so exhausting!!! I feel like I need another vacation! LOL!!! I will put some pictures up soon. Promise.

And I will post art - I've gotten lazy about it but I will from now on. Another week gone by, another month speeding by.... another idea to create. It's all good.

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