Thursday, March 26, 2009

Page One of My Journal - ZETTI

I have always loved the look of Zetti art but have never tried it. It's so NOT ME!!! I am a "vintage" girl... or so I thought!! I decided that for this journal I was going to do things I'm not comfortable with... I'm going to force myself ot do things I have never done. I've always wanted to do a Zetti page so last night I sat down and did it. CREATE ART is the name of this page and I really love the way it looks. So maybe I am a "Zetti girl" after all!!!


  1. I think you are a Zetti girl! And I think I'd better try this too. Looks like fun, also not quite "me" so probably a good thing to attempt. It is all about being adventurous and stepping out of the comfort zone, right? Your book is awesome, Elena.

  2. Love what you have done - sounds like a great group in the circle journal - also loved what you did in Tracey's journal - have not tried Zetti in a while - you have inspired me to give it a go - JustDi

  3. Elena,this Zetty Theme looks great.
    I love your hole Blog and all the art work you have on here.

  4. Another winner, Hugs Laura.
    fabulous, love it.