Thursday, March 12, 2009


Rented a pontoon boat today and spent the day on Crystal River. There is a manatee refuge here which is doing wonderful work in protecting the manatees. They are such wonderfully tender and sweet creatures. It's so horrible how people hurt them - sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident but ALWAYS by ignorance.

We saw dolphins and just had a really great day. It's so nice to disconnect. I must give my girls a raise at the office when I get back. THEY HAVE NOT CALLED ME ONCE!!! That, my friends is true love!!!

Tomorrow we head home. Will stop at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines to spend the day with my granddaughter (better known as "THE TERRORIST") and will be back home on Sunday - God willing. I really REALLY needed this break and will be back better than ever!!!! LOL!!! (Whatever THAT means!!!).

So much art to do..... so many people to defend...... ahhhhhh, feeling it ladies..... feeling it!

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  1. LOL is an abbreviation for laughing out loud.