Friday, October 24, 2014


I specify that it is part one because I have so many pictures on my camera that I want to share with you!  

What an experience! We had so much fun last night. We went to a toga party at Sloppy Joe's on Duval  Street.  The first night lived up to everything I had heard about fantasy fest! LOL. A lot of weirdness a lot of nudity a lot of freaky people! 

 I did not see one problem in the entire evening. Despite all the drinking and all the partying, everyone was cordial and just out to have some fun.

I will be back this evening with some pictures of last nights toga party.

We woke up to a spectacular morning this morning. Made everyone very happy because of all the rain that we have been getting the past few days

Tbis is the view from the back porch of our condo. Just could not get any better than this.

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  1. You two are sooooo cute!!!!!
    So glad you're having fun!