Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am in heaven.  I love the new organization of my studio and am having a blast putting it together!

This will look amazing when it's done.   I am going to label the stamps (Card Sentiments, PL, Ali Edwards, etc.).  I have also added the small dies in these little bags and placed them in the container.  And the beauty of it THE TRAY FITS PERFECTLY IN THE IKEA RASKOG!!!

One part of me wants to just leave all this and start making some PL layouts but I know that once this is done, doing those layouts will be so much more pleasurable!!!  When things are organized and out in the open you USE them.  Or at least that's the theory!!  LOL!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone.  It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Key Largo and I hope it is where you are also.


Look how FABULOUS they look with white card stock in the bags!!  HAPPY PLACE......!!!!!!
The ones with the black card stock are the masks that are clear so they need the black card stock to be visible.

Such simple things can make us happy!!  LOL!!!

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  1. Amazing!!!! You are getting so organized. I need you here in my studio.