Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I have lived in South Florida almost all my life and in Key Largo for 10 years but have never been to Fantasy Fest  in Key West.

It always seemed a little "much" for me!!  LOL!!!  I don't drink and it is just not fun being the only sober person on an island!!!  But this year is different.

As you guys know, our firm won our fight for the legal rights of gay men and women to marry in Monroe County. That decision is now on appeal by the State of Florida and it looks like it's going to be going to the Florida Supreme Court.  That is absolutely FANTASTIC because I KNOW we will win and then it will be legal in the entire state - not just Monroe County!!!

Our "boys" - our clients - Aaron Huntsman and Lee Jones - are the Grand Marshalls of this year's parade!!! So cool!!!  The float they will be traveling on is one huge wedding cake with them in the middle as the wedding cake TOPPER!  How cool is that???

My law partners and I will be walking by their float dressed as .... ready???..... BRIDES!  LOL!!! So much fun.  And because we will be wearing wedding dresses anyway, by partner Jessica and I will be renewing our wedding vows with our husbands.  Next month will be my 19th wedding anniversary so I guess its' time!

And who will be officiating at this wedding vow ceremony???  My brother Albert who will be dressed like Elvis!!!  Seriously... can it get any better than this????

I will be leaving for Key West tomorrow and will return on Sunday.  I will post pictures.  Wish me luck!!!

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