Monday, October 13, 2014


I ordered Ali Edwards' December Daily kit.  I ordered it for the first time last year and love it.  Just one little issue to deal with…….

I had not finished the December Daily from LAST YEAR!!  LOL!!!  I had all my writing in the journal (I give myself brownie points for that!), some cards but no pictures or embellishments yet!  I had ordered some pictures last year but had not put them int he journal yet.

Thankfully, I had it all in a basket.  I pulled the basked out today, printed some more picture on my Canon CP-910 Selphy (a MUST HAVE, by the way) and voila!!!  I finished my 2013 December Daily!!!  I have to do the cover and I'm done!  I will update the post when I get it done.  Feeling good about this!!!

Now…… how do I want to do the cover????????

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