Saturday, February 19, 2011


I think I am going to write a book "For the love of Charlie"....  it will not only be cathartic, it will be a testament to emotional survival!

Charlie called me last night using a cell phone he borrowed from one of the nurses.  The ladies man strikes again.

Turns out he wanted to tell me a "funny" story.  As you guys know, Charlie arrived at detox on Wednesday night.   In detox, apparently they do a massive intake on your life story (that must have been interesting because Charlie is the most honest person in the world - doesn't hide or sugar coat any of the things he does - although sometimes I wish he would).  Anyway, he showers, they give him a PJ and give him what they consider enough medication to put this man to sleep.  Little do they know that he needs massive amounts of medication just to be able to sleep.

So at 11:00 pm (California time) it's "lights out".  What???  11:00 pm!!??? That is when this boys day starts!  So what does my darling angel do?  He leaves the facility (which is a huge house in a residential setting), jumps the fence, buys a six pack of beer and some pot from some kid riding a bike!  How does he DO that????  How does he find this in a place he has never been???  Well, thinking about it I assume people know this home is a detox and ride around waiting for some poor sucker to jump a fence and buy weed.

Well, like he said - it was only weed.  So my little cherub drinks his beer, smokes his joint and jumps back over the fence all in a matter of 15-20 minutes.  Charlie is 6 feet tall and weighs about 250 pounds.  He jumps over the fence and lands on a plastic chair which, according to him, EXPLODES.  His leg gets caught in the chair somehow and its taking him a few minutes to disentangle himself.

He runs to the back door which he got out through and lo and behold it is locked.  Oops!!  So what can he do he says??  He walks through the front door where they are waiting for him.

"What did you say to them Charlie?" .  He says "Mom, what could I say??  I looked at the doctor and said, GUESS I DIDN'T MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION?"

That's Charlie.

In the meantime, I want to be mad but I can't.  It's his first day and all he bought was pot?  I'm okay with that for today.

The little things that keep a mother sane.


  1. Elena,he is so lucky to have u as his Mom. I am just so moved by these last entries of your blog about him...if u write that book,I'll be first in line to buy it. God bless. XoxoxSue

  2. Yep! Ya gotta love Charlie! I do and I've never even met him! TRULY,You do need to write this book, Elena! I will be in line right behind Sue!