Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art Journal Caravan February Project

This is the greatest online project I have ever been involved in.  I had joined the 2010 and had done nothing with it.  This year I have done every one so far and am really enjoying it.

Today we got our February Project:

The Adjective Project.
This month's Adventure Quest is sponsored by the letters A-Z!We're going to explore adjectives all month long one letter at at time! Diving deep down into who we really are and the things that we are feeling on a daily basis this month.
How do you feel TODAY? Is there a word that would describe it?
What do you think that you can discover about yourself as you assign words to your feelings and thoughts? Or take another approach and start thinking about all the adjectives that describe YOU that start with a particular letter. There are many ideas in the way point section to help you apply some part of this project to you.
Words are a huge part of what we do as art journalers lets explore some different ways to use them.

This sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered!

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