Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charlie: Day 7

Yes, I am counting the days.  This entire things is voluntary on his part.  He could just decide to get up and go and he hasn't.  That's a good sign.

Spoke to him yesterday, he is much calmer.  They have left him in "extended detox" - the pollution that child has in his body is more than they could do in a few days time.  He sounds depressed.  The counselor says its the medication.  He is going to start working out at a gym they have on the facility so that will help him a lot.

So many people have written me with prayers for this child.  My friend Beatriz, who I am convinced has a direct line to God has been praying fervently for him as have her "prayer warriors" - with love like that how can he possibly fail?

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  1. it takes a village,doesn't it!!! Prayers continue ...for all of you!!