Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My new studio is up and running!!! Woo HOO!!! Took me two weeks to put everything away. TWO WEEKS!! I will admit to you - though NEVER to my husband - that I really had no idea I had so much of, well, EVERYTHING. I mean, hell, I'm not blind... I saw that i had a lot of art supplies but I never really realized the EXTENT of my addiction until I had to take it all out and put it all back together again! I only have to put up the curtains now and I will be done. I will post pictures so you guys can see how awesome it looks!

THE KEYS FOR ART 2010!! Next week!! I am so excited about having all these wonderful ladies in my house for 3 days! I foresee a lot of fun, laughter and art! There are SO many things we all want to do that I am not sure there will be time to bathe, eat or sleep but we will figure that out as we go along! Val Brincheck flies in on Tuesday and the rest of the ladies on Wednesday. We are going for a tour of South Beach on Wednesday evening and then dinner at Versailles, one of MIami's best Cuban restaurants. From there it's down to the Keys!! Friday night my brother is hosting a pool party for us. So much to do ..... so little time! Of course I will post pictures and i am sure that the others will post pictures on their blogs as well!

Back tomorrow with some pictures!


  1. Elena..... I am so excited about your weekend coming up and about your studio, and about your new grand baby, and about your life in general!!!!!! May God bless you and keep filling you with joy, peace and much love for others!!!!! Miss ya very much

  2. I'm in countdown mode! I can't wait to finally meet all (well, most) of my art journal friends! whoo Hooo!!!

  3. Have fun, so wish I could be there. 2011 perhaps? Have a great time. You so deserve it. Love ya!