Monday, April 19, 2010


WOW!!! What a wonderful WONDERFUL event we had! I have been so looking forward to this for so long! You know how it is, you look so forward to something and sometimes it just doesn't live up to your expectations but this lived up to and BEYOND my expectations!!! Everyone had their own beach bag with goodies inside and they all came bearing gifts!! So much to talk about!

I had contacted Mario to invite him and Tim to stop by and visit us but it was a long shot!!! Those two are not only way too famous for Key Largo but way too BUSY!! Mario did send some goodies for everyone though and all the girls appreciated it so very much! He is such a wonderful, generous man that it's a pleasure to call him a friend. Anyway I will see Mario in October on our cruise so it's all good!

From left to right on the balcony picture we have: Jacquie Valdespino, Sue Young, Marita Kovalik, Linda Davis, Juliet Arrighi, Eileen Bellomo, Jennifer Daniels, Patty Hogan, Valerie Brincheck, Elena Vigil-Farinas, Gina Goodling and Lillian Mederak!!!

We had an incredible time! It started with Val coming in a day early (Tuesday) which was amazing because I got her all to myself for a night!!! Then on Wednesday morning, Jacquie picked up Lillian (Canada), Gina and Marita (Oregon) who flew in early morning. She took them to her apartment on the beach and gave them a beach tour! I picked up the afternoon arrivals, Sue (Illinois), Jen (California) and Eileen (New York).

From the airport we went to dinner at Versailles Restaurant (a five star Cuban Restaurant in Miami) where Jacquie treated us all to a wonderful WONDERFUL dinner! We had the spanish equivalent of Mariachis singing to us and it was just wonderful. From there we came to the Keys (about an hour and half away) and everyone found their "nests" and got ready for the rest of the weekend!

I have TONS of wonderful pictures of that first day that I hope you will all enjoy! I will post them later when Blogger is in a better mood since it's not letting me upload right now!


  1. I love that picture! Can't wait to get the rest.
    Only bad thing about our retreat....I'll compare all future art events to that one, and what could possibly be better?
    Love you, mi amiga!

  2. So true, Eileen, how spoiled were we? Can I say Cuban coffee delivered to our tables while we worked, fresh pastries in the am with more Cuban coffee....oh my, heaven must be in Key Largo!
    If I thanked you everyday until 2011, It wouldn't be enough!
    This group photo is "coolio" as Lill would say!
    XXO Gina