Sunday, April 25, 2010


I absolutey love Pam Carriker. Her art is different and exciting and she is an incredible teacher.

Her latest class, JOURNAL 365, I believe, will be absolutely fantastic. She is a very "simple" yet dynamic artist. I made a journal out of Fabirano Paper just for this class and am so excited about it!

These are the first two pages for the class:

The page looks a little blurred but that's the scanning! It's actually really pretty.

I have tons of completed pages in my journal. I use up every spare bit of paint from other projects to color in pages and then go back and work on them. These pages have several layers of acrylic, charcoal pencil, stamps, images. I used the word BEGIN (from a magazine) because it's the first pages in this journal and the beginning of the 365 day journey with Pam.

The day that I feel like writing/journaling I never have to start by covering up the "white"! I am quite pleased with these pages.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Absolutely wonderful. I love love your page. Just beautiful. I have got to get busy on mine. You rock. It is simple and perfect.

  2. They do look wonderful. I thought about taking her class and might in a couple of months when things slow down a bit for me. I'm glad she is doing it by the month so we can jump in at the beginning of any month.

  3. Having seen your journals in person now, I know how lovely they are and must be a joy to work in.
    I just may have to join you in one of these classes.....but first I have to stop signing up for all these swaps and journals, lol!
    So much art, so little time!

  4. what a great page! i wish i could afford to take this course...oh well, maybe later in the year. i look forward to seeing more of your work.