Monday, January 26, 2009


Can someone PLEASE get me the winning lotto/powerball ticket??????? I am SOOOOOOOO not into working right now.

I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis. Actually I KNOW I am!! I've always loved my profession; always LOVED what I do. For the past few months I've just not been able to get "into" it any more. It seems like I only do what I absolutely HAVE to do (which reeks havoc on my deadlines and is giving my secretary and legal assistant hives) and really is not fair to myself or my clients. UGGHHHH!!! Maybe I just need a vacation? Or is it more serious than that?

You know how you've always had these wonderful dreams of what would be the IDEAL life for you? Well, every since I was FIVE (or thereabouts) I wanted to be a lawyer. NEVER did I even THINK of doing anything else. It was a given - I would be a lawyer. Coming from immigrants (from Cuba)... a father who was a mechanic and a mother who worked in factories... nobody in my family on either side had EVER gone to college.... well, it was a lofty goal! And I did it. I defied many many odds and made it. Now that I'm here (practicing for 15 years) it is so NOT what I want to be doing with my life.

I don't want to have every minute of my life run by my staff and an agenda! I don't want to "argue" for a living... I don't want to be a part of destroying the lives of children in divorces where their parents hate each other more than they love their kids.... I don't want to "strike deals" with prosecutors .... I don't want to wake up stressed every day knowing that I am going to have to deal with lawyers with no ethics and no morality......

I will share my dreams with you ... you may be the only people who can understand me... I want to move to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and open a bed and breakfast there. I want to invite artists from all over the world to come and play in this retreat a few times a year.... I want to wear shoes only when I feel like it and NEVER EVER wear a suit again! I want to wear flowery skirts that come down to my ankles and make me feel like I can fly. I want to wake up to the sounds of soft music every morning. I want to trash my agenda and my watch!! I want to sip coffee on a balcony overlooking the water.................... I want to just STOP AND BREATH.


  1. Hi Elena, I've just been reading your "story" of what you would like to do for a change in your life! You may think you are just dreaming about the possibilities of a B & B and inviting artists, etc. But I think you have a great idea here for a viable business, a business which you would love! I just want to encourage you to pursue this dream!!!

  2. Hi Elena, I hope you find the time and space to breathe and pursue your art and passions while keeping your feet on the ground.
    Good luck to you, whatever you do.

    Thank you for entering the tatting giveaway on my blog. Your comment was sweet. Good luck to you. :)

  3. You and me both Elena. If I won the Lotto I would transform the barn into a quilting studio upstairs and down. Heated with several private sleeping rooms for guests to stay and stitch to their hearts content!
    We always have our dreams.
    I do hope you find time for yourself.
    Gentle hugs,Pat
    P.S. Thanks for the award...I will take care of that this evening. Spending the day with mom.

  4. My wife felt like everything she had was what she always wanted and one day she left me for someone else. Maybe you're going through the same thing.

  5. AMEN Sister! Don't put these dreams of yours away - just keep them in your pocket till you can make it come true!

  6. Hey Elena....Fairytales can come true ..It can happen to you ..IF YOU"RE YOUNG AT HEART ... remember that song... Well it's not off the mark .

    The trouble is ..We all get caught up in the reality of our own make belief life and decide working 24 hrs /day is what we have to do to be successful. Suddenly, we hit the age of 50 or so with a thud... realizing that we're not Happy.

    WHY ? Because we just don't love ourselves enough. Infact we don't even know ourselves...LUCKY for you Elena.. you know who you are and what you want to be when you grow-up ... An Active and Happy old woman who is young at heart.
    So now ..It just needs alittle action... and planning to get on course... SO>>> here's a something to remember ..IF ELENA IS NOT #1 in her one around her will be happy... Make your inner self glow and it will radiate out with everything you do.

    This is not just a fairytale... It's the wisdom of knowing thyself." I AM" and creating a circle of life that suits your own personal persona..SO go for thre Dream Girl.