Monday, January 12, 2009


Tim Holtz recommended Stephanie Meyer's TWILIGHT as an excellent book. I didn't pay much attention to the recommendation since I'm not really into "vampire books". I heard about the book constantly and decided to buy it.

IT IS FANTASTIC! I have already downloaded part two of this saga to my Kindle and can't wait to start reading it!! It's not your typical vampire story - it's a love story and there's mystery and passion and action... all wrapped up in one awesome story!

This saga definitely goes into my favorite books list! By the way, if you love to read and do not yet have a Kindle.... GET ONE! I used to have the Sony E-Book and thought that was great but the Kindle blows them right out of the water. For anyone who enjoys reading the Kindle is the bomb (see it on! I even get my newspaper downloaded on my Kindle every morning! The best part? Well ONE of the best parts? Where a new book will cost you (hardcover) approximately $26.95 at the book store - it costs only $9.95 on the Kindle!!! Yeah!

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