Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taking Flight

What an amazing book by artist Kelly Rae Roberts! I have only just started reading it and it has already made such an impact on me. Wow! This is not a "how to" book, it's more like a "find yourself" book which speaks not only to me, but I am sure to many many women.

She writes about having the outwardly "perfect life" - a college education, a career she enjoys, a wonderful marriage to a wonderful man, the all important "house with a white picket fence" - and feeling like something is missing. Come on, we've all been there haven't we?

She speaks of a journal she creatd "The Journal of Whispers". Isn't that an incredible name? It's a journal about the "whispers" in our soul, in our hearts ... that little voice that whispers "if only I could....".

That really touched a cord in me. I have a very good life.. a career I've always loved (although lately I really haven't enjoyed), an income which allows for a lot of extras in life, a husband who loves me to death, wonderful children, a wonderful home, motorhome, BMW... all the trappings of "success"... but those whispers........... wow...... they are so there.

What are my "whispers" about? If only I could go to Tuscany and rent a villa for 3 months - 90 days to just create art, read books and disconnect. No TV, no radio, no email - nothing. If only I could .... be more daring in the things I try... If only I could.............

Well, you get the drift. I've worked so hard all my life that I just want to STOP. Know what I mean? Just stop and breathe. I've never been able to do that. To not wear a watch any more because there is nowhere I need to be.... to not talk if I don't want to..... To not be responsible for anything or anyone but myself. Wow.


  1. If you ever decide to come in Europe. I offer you (the better way is I can share) a tiny house near sea(900m away)in Athens. There we both can create art, read books and go for swimming as old friends. My house is very tiny but I like to have guests. So have it in your mind...Athens is a warm historical place with very beautiful landscape and with a very blue, clean and safe seashore. Maybe it will have fun but sure it is a place you will breath. Dharma

  2. It's called retirement, sweetie, and I highly recommend it! I'm in my fifth year of answering to no one but me, and I've never been more creative and fulfilled in my life. And I loved my job when I worked! It just got in the way of my other passions.
    Until then, maybe a weekend here, an hour there,and remember that talk about a crafting retreat? Name the time and place and I'll do what it takes to be there!
    {{HUGS}} Eileen