Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've lost a friend, and Monroe County has lost a wonderful and caring deputy. Deputy Sheriff Nick Pham died yesterday, November 26th, 2008, the day before Thanksgiving, in the line of duty as a result of a traffic accident. Nick died a little after noon time on a beautiful day in Islamorada doing what he loved. Nick was 38 years old.

Nick was one of the first friends I made when I came to live in Key Largo. He had a heart of gold. He was kind to everyone he came across and was a loyal and loving friend to me. I am out of town at the moment and only found out about his death late last night. I still can't get my head around it. What a horrible loss for me, for all his friends, for our community and especially for his family.

I've never met Nick's wife or children but he loved them so much. He had been devastated when his wife left him and he was just starting to breath again. We spoke about it often. He had the children and his death is made so much more sad because of it.

Wow.... what an epiphany when this happens. The realization that we truly are here only until God wants us to be. I truly felt love for Nick and will miss him. I hope that God has him in his arms and that He is able to give his family the strength to get through this. If I am so affected by the death of this dear man.... I can only imagine the pain of his family.

I'll miss you Nick.


  1. Dear Elena,
    I am so sorry that you have lost such a dear friend and the world has lost such a good man.
    My father died when he was 36, so I understand this kind of pain. I was touched by your Thanks post and wish you the strength and love of family and friends to get you through this.
    Big squeezes,

  2. Elena - I found your blog thru AT, which we are both a part of. I'm so sorry for the loss of Nick - it makes my heart heavy when the world loses great people. It is obvious by his career choice that he was the sort to help people and try to make his part of the world a little better. I will say extra prayers for everyone in his life - especially his children. It's hard to lose good friends - but God must have other plans for him. Thankfully, you (and his family) will get to reunite with him someday - even though that doesn't erase the pain. Remind yourself that you are lucky to have a fantastic guardian angel to sit on your shoulder now. ;)

    Your blog is beautiful and I'm glad I found it. There were other things I was going to comment on - but this post really got me in the heart. Maybe creating something in his honor will help to speed the healing?

    Take care and squeeze the very adorable Elias - he's precious! (Those legs need to be pinched and loved!) Keep making those way too cute button fairies (which now I'm aching to make, thankyouverymuch) and keep yourself well.

    PS - Thank you for reminding me how much I LOVE Barry Manilow - I'll be singing variations of "Copacabana" for weeks! ;)