Sunday, November 9, 2008

Button Fairies!

I guess the silver lining to having pneumonia is the time off from work and the fact that everyone leaves you alone! If you can just stay awake between the codeine and the prednizone you can actually create something! One of my on-line friends, and a wonderful artist named Di turned me on to these button fairies weeks ago. I was having trouble with the wings though because I wanted a semi-transparent, etheral look to the wings but I didn't want vellum. I wanted them to stand and look beautiful but I didn't want cardstock. You know how it is.

Anyway, last night in between feeling miserable and feeling awful I started thinking about this wonderful material I had used about 2 years ago called Fantasy Film. I had used it in a crop in Lafayette, Louisiana at my favorite store in all the world, Treasured Memories, and of course, me being me, had bought tons of it but had never used it again. So today I made my wings using the fantasy film and am thrilled with the results! Tell me what you think! Of course the first one is Kaitlynn and the other three are images from Paper Imagery Designs.


  1. is Cheryl I just found your blog and love your button Fairies..sorry you have been so sick...hope you are feeling better..I love these...they are adorable..hugs and prayers, cheryl

  2. Elena - LOVE the baby fairy! Great material for the wings! Your blog is a beauty - I'll be visiting frequently :-)