Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, tomorrow will be the services for Nick. I will attend and say goodbye to my friend. He would be there to say goodbye to me if it was the other way around.

You know, I am truly so blessed. I have such great friends. I have a family that although has its' share of problems like every other family, is wonderful. I have a profession that I love even after all these years. I'm certainly lucker than most.

I refuse to start a New Year sad or depressed. It will just set the tone for the rest of the year! My grandmother always said that instead of mourning a person we lost we should thank God that we had them in the first place. My grandmother was totally uneducated, could not read or write. But she was the wisest person I've ever known. I miss her every single day of my life.

I joined a MAJOR project on one of my swap groups, ArtTechniques. It's called a FAT BOOK and it is just too cool. There are 120 people in the "swap". Each person picks a technique to "teach" and creates a sample and instructions on a 4x4 card. Since there are 120 people in the group, you have to do the same card 120 times! I chose the Spirelli technique. I learned it from a good friend in Canada, Pam Barnes, and I love it so much it was easy to choose this technique as my contribution. At the end of the project we each have 120 technique "how to" cards! It's not due until February but given my schedule and my life style, I am starting them this week!!!!

Give everyone you love a hug and a kiss. Say hello to people you don't know on the street... you may make their day.


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