Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eileen's Lace Journal

My muse and I have been arguing about these pages for a couple of weeks now. We have been looking through the amazing pages of the others in this challenge; beautiful pages bursting with lace, flowers and images. Gorgeous pages you can look at ten times and still find something new each time.

Of course my muse is prideful and insisted on making something just as "over the top" as everyone else! And, normally, I would agree with her. But the more I went through this beautiful book the more I knew that I wanted my contribution to Eileen's book to be simpler and "clean". I wanted these pages to be where the eye can rest from all the wonderful lushness my friends have previously contributed.

So, much to my muse's chagrin, I did what my heart pushed me to do and did it MY way.

This is the front page layout:

A wedding garter belt made a great "frame" for one of my favorite vintage pictures.

Front page:

Back page:  I made the little flowers when I was going through my crochet flower obsession!

Inside pages:

Simple but really sweet.

I hope Eileen agrees with ME and not my obnoxious muse!!


  1. Eileen thinks it is stunning and anything but simple. Love it! Can't wait to put my book together. Thank you for such beautiful and heartfelt work. Love you!

  2. Those pages are just wonderful! Crochet flowers? Really! Wow. Beautiful.

  3. i love your pages Elena
    the little flowers you made are so darn cute...
    Love the garter and doiley

  4. Elena this is amazing...shut the front door muse!

  5. Elena these pages are beautiful....shut the front door muse! Love Jacquie

  6. I agree with you, but wouldn't call it simple with all that gorgeous luscious lace! Beautiful, Elena and I love the bride's garter!!! Great idea!