Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have become totally obsessed with making journals! I have tons of homemade journals but every time I come across a new binding technique my OCD goes into overdrive!

LK Ludwing - whose art I ADORE - has a wonderful class (Just 3 Journals) which teaches 3 binding techniques.

Yesterday I did the first one.  It was fun to do but so easy it was really not challenging at all!!!  Here it is:

This is the binding from the side.  I was happy with the binding.  Didn't like the "whiteness" of the paper.  I also rounded all the corners on the pages to give it a more finished look.

This is the front.

Another front view.

The BEST thing about this type of binding is that the journal lays totally flat!  After participating in numerous round robins where the books do NOT lay flat, I can really really appreciate this!

Now, last night I started another one where I addressed the things I wasn't happy about with the first one:

Since I didn't like the white paper - I covered the folded edges of the paper with this wonderful gold colored - tissue textured paper that I have no idea where I got.

This journal is to be used for an Asian round robin project so I wanted the paper to have an "Asian" flair.  I also obviously wanted the covers to match with the paper I had used for the paper edging.

I used the same paper that I had used on the paper edging for the inside panel of the top and bottom covers.  It looks really pretty with the edging.

Tonight I will try a different binding technique to put it together. We will see what happens!


  1. Totally gorgeous. It looks fantastic. That golden tissu paper is the prize though. Awesome look.

  2. it is awesome Elena
    you are getting PRO
    check out my new group.

  3. Beautiful! The only thing I have a problem with (my own OCD kicking in), is I am not crazy about seeing the tape. On the one I'm working on now I glued the tape to the cover first, then attached my art over the whole thing. I don't know if that is as sturdy, but I hope it is, because I won't be doing any more with the visible tape.))

  4. Just beautiful! LOVE the gold swirls on the black paper and the gold edges to the pages. Can't wait to work in all these wonderful handmade books.

  5. Amazingly gorgeous! You are sooo clever. A round of applause from me!
    Google wont let me sign in to comment grrr!