Monday, July 25, 2011


Lots of things going on which I wanted to blog about.  But my heart is heavy with the death of Amy Whitehouse.   Having a son who is a drug addict, Amy's death is that much sadder.  He is doing okay - not great - but better.

This poor girl was only 27 years old.  So beautiful, so talented.  My heart breaks for her and the life she has lost.  Breaks for her parents who have to bury her... breaks for everyone who has lived and continues to live this nightmare.  Watching her destroy herself while all her family and friends could do is beg and cry and pray.

I read an article where it spoke about the fact that for years, when she was much younger, she had cut herself, had inflicted scars and pain on her body.  She had been abusing drugs and alcohol for so long.  In and out of rehab....

Why?  Why does God allow drugs to take over the hearts and minds and souls of these young people?

So sad.  I hope that she finds the peace in death that eluded her in life.

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