Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Road He's Chosen is Not an Easy One

He is using again.  He's been on a four day binge which he is now sleeping off.  He probably lost his job.

All I can do is sit here and pray.  Hold on to my faith and my family and friends.

I just wish I could understand.  I wish I had insight into addiction; insight into the hold that drugs, alcohol, ANY addiction has on people that drags them back over and over again.

"This too shall pass"... that's what they say and I know it to be true.  But the road that we travel is so very hard.


  1. Elena..I know your pain.An adict doesn't start by waking up one day saying"I think i'll be an addict and ruin my life and everyone's who loves me" starts small..then takes over. Such pain he must be in,as is my daughter. It is such a long road,filled with many turns.We can only hope and pray that this is a temporary backslide and that he will keep trying.I have never been an addict,I only love one with all my I can't say I can understand it..I can only say I can hope for her recovery...and your son's. I will pray for him..and also for you. He is your child and an important part of the world and society. He just needs to see it. One day at a time..or maybe one minute or hour at a time!! I am in your shoes..have walked many a heartwrenching and tearful mile in them! I care!! xo

  2. We are praying.... Charlie is being prayed for day and night. Love you VERY much

  3. Holding you and Charlie in my heart. Praying strength for you and courage for him. Love, me