Thursday, November 18, 2010


My post on the holidays really hit a lot of nerves today!  Horrible as it sounds, I'm glad that there are so many people out there that feel the way I do.

Listen to me.  IT'S NOT WORTH THE STRESS.  Honest it's not.  This is the first Xmas after my father's death; the first Xmas after my father in law's death; the first Xmas after my sister in law (who I've known and loved since we were kids and who is actually my sister at heart) lost her mom.  Do you really think that any amount of PRESENTS will make that better?  So what does that tell you?

Hug your family; love them.  Make sure the day they are not there for a Xmas morning you have no regrets....  Stop worrying about the buying and the gift-giving.  At the end of the day - it just doesn't matter.


  1. I totally agree! Jesus is the reason for the season and just as He loved us so much He even died for us we in turn should do the same......
    Read my blog today, this is what I wrote this morning! Do not take your loved ones for granted... love them!
    Thanks for writing this. Luv ya and miss ya!

  2. MAN YOU REALLY GOT THAT RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT GIFT YOU GET IT WONT BRING BACK THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE OR the sooro that's in your heart , this the worest of the hoildays , this is the 2nd yr for me and my sister die and she was only 46 and we think it was the hosptails fault but you know its not us to decided what to do she had a husband when the said she has a stroke i knew then she wouldnt never come home it a nice way to tell us god is calling her home and you have to acept it no matter what I just am glad that she isnt in no more pain...........iam here for you in case it you dont know it my dear friend.
    MaryRedford --OSA

  3. every moment with family and friends is to be a celebration....I couldn't agree with you more Elena......I hope there will be some bright treasures for you this season. Huggers.

  4. Hello Elena,

    I completely agree with what you write !! I can totally relate on it.

    It's been a tough year for you loosing different people you loved...I lost several people in my life too and I only have one goal in life " that they are happy".

    I try to live every day like it could be my last.. not always easy to "live now" and enjoy the moment, but one can never know when it's the last of you or the people you love.

    treasure your loved ones !

    greetings from belgium