Monday, November 15, 2010


So many people - both men and women - I speak to lately are so completely and totally overwhelmed.  Life, finances, children, work - it seems like their lives - and mine - are in total chaos right now.  It's no surprise that the holidays will make everything seem worse for those that are, or feel they are, in chaos.

I came across this video today and at first it seemed silly but then when you really really listen to it, it is pretty inspirational.  So for all of you whose lives are in chaos or who feel that they are totally overwhelmed and out of control.... this video is for you.


  1. I like this very much. I wonder why do we feel so overwhelmed. I set down and think of all my pluses vs my con's and I can say my pluses so out weigh the negitives in my life. maybe because it so much easier to see the bad instead of the good.

    Thanks for the reminder focus on what you can do right now vs what you WISH you could do. Everything is possible if we slow down and pay attention to the journey instead of the destination. Life is short and is very beautiful

    You my dear are very beautiful to remind me of this.

  2. FLYLADY is absolutely the best!!! My favourite quotes of hers are "you can do anything for 15 minutes" and "you can't organise clutter you can only get rid of it". When things get really bad in my mind then I have to change the first quote to "5 minutes" but that is 5 minutes of clearing/cleaning that wouldn't have gotten done! Remember ... baby steps!

  3. I love you too ansd you just had to make me cry!!! until nwxt time my friend...dont for get me.....MaryR