Thursday, May 20, 2010


I really thought I had reached a point where I was pretty much immune to stupidity but today was one of those days when I realize that just when I thought people could not possibly be so stupid they prove me wrong yet again.

Now mind you, I don't usually deal with people at their best. They are either facing criminal charges or in the middle of a divorce so - granted - they are not always their most rational. But still.... believe me when I tell you that people just never cease to amaze me.

This was today's journal page. I think I am taking the day off tomorrow ... I totally need a break! Ya think?


  1. yeap.... I know what you mean.... and yor reflected your feelings so perfect!!!! Love it!

  2. Great page! Oh there are those days. Maybe too many of them. Sometimes you just have to wonder if some people even have a brain. I knew one couple who loved to joke that for them, the light was on but no one was home! I mean why not stand on the corner with a sign saying I'm Stupid around one's neck for all to see?

  3. I love your girl. Totally fits. A wonderful page once again
    I just love looking at your zetti. I swear when I think you
    cannot possiblely do better you do.

  4. Well, you didn't even need the journaling, LOL....her face and stance say it all.
    Sorry the fools have gotten to you, but at least it resulted in some great art!

  5. Ha! Love it Elena! There seems to be many days like this lately!

  6. Love this page. I love the images you collaged on, the colors of the paint and the white around the writing. I am saving this for my inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing!
    Aloha, Kate

  7. Some days I'm irritated like this, and other days I'm the fool.

    I do really like this, though. It emotes that feeling perfectly.

  8. Oh ha ha ha! I known that feeling EXACTLY :-) Great journal page!