Saturday, March 6, 2010


In one of my groups there has been an ongoing discussion about calling yourself an artist. Many of us don't see ourselves as artists and certainly would not tell anyone else we are an artist! It comes from thinking that people will make fun of you. That people believe an "artist" is someone who sells art for a living!

These pages are in my "practice journal", the one where I practice new background techniques. Both pages have layers of gesso, stamps, paint, you name it - it's there! This is my interpretation of the I AM AN ARTIST prompt! The gesso technique was taught by Monica Zuniga in her new class, Inspire Me Workshop.

The reality is that as woman we are all artists. What can be a greater masterpiece than bringing a child into the world? Preparing a wonderful meal... setting a beautiful table... decorating your home with knick knacks, curtains, furniture... all of that is art! So next time you feel shy about calling yourself an artist DON'T!!! YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!!

Now I have to go do the pages in my Marie Journal which has to fly to Europe on the 10th of March!


  1. Amen to that! I am an artist at heart..... Love your work!

  2. Great post and pages Elena. So much texture goodness here!
    We are all artists. :)
    Much Love

  3. Awesome Pages Elena!! I'm sorry i have not been here lately. :( you are right, we are ARTISTS!!
    Love you!

  4. I love this post! I've been thinking about this "artist" thing and why it's so hard to say it. You're right - think it's fear that someone will say, "are you kidding me"? But, I'm going to try saying it!

  5. Yes, you are!!! ...I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award. Check out the details on my blog. Happy Saturday!
    kso of Blissfully Art Journaling

  6. Because you are an artist and because you have such a warm heart I am forwarding the Kreativ Blogger Award to you. Please visit to find out how to receive this award.

  7. Well I have run into a few educated in art artists and they don't seem to like it that some of us dare to say we are artists without getting a degree to go with it. That makes it harder to say it out loud for me as I know I haven't had the education but how much learning did I have to become a mother yet I think I did a good job and no one doubts I am a mother for real. Some careers need the education to be in it such as a doctor or perhaps an engineer. But there are others we can do on our own. One of my uncles could play music without learning and another picked up languages without classes. So why can't we pick up and make art?