Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stencils and Water Colors

Two things I don't use hardly at all. Well, I am taking this awesome online course with Monica Zuniga (Hands & Heart) and she does really wonderful backgrounds using stencils, gesso and water colors. I have a "practice" journal that I use just to try out new things and I really like the way these pages came out.

I used the stencil with gesso (aha! it is not jUST for prepping paper!) and then I used various watercolors and my Caran de Ache water soluble crayons. It doesn't look half as nice in the scan as it does in person. I really like this technique.


  1. this is so nice! Elena! You are doing so many wonderful techniques! Come to Alabama...... we will play non-stop for days.........

  2. I love these too. Especially the colors. I can just imagine the texture with the Caran De Arche. They do something to paper. mmmmmm

  3. Love, love your background. these are amazing. I also think your blue girl is sooo very cool. Your art is evolving so fast and so beautifully.

  4. This is beautiful. I really like your work and loved your blog being a place for just you x