Thursday, February 25, 2010


I like my Bleu Lady from yesterday except she looks MAD! I am not sure it's not a reflection of my mood yesterday but be that as it may, I've decided that if I want to learn how to draw faces (especially considering I've never been able to draw a straight line), the only way to do it is to practice. This was today's practice face. Still need to work on the expression. I am thinking that I am not leaving enough ROOM on the face - not enough room between the eyes, nose and mouth???? I will try a different composition for the next one and see how it goes. Meanwhile, I can keep a "chronicle" of my progress right here! This was done with pencil in my wonderful little Moleskine.

The first one was on February 17th. At least I have made some progress!!! LOL!!!


  1. That's how Picasso started.......she looks pretty good to me! At least you are venturing into this which I've heard it is very hard. I'm proud of you my friend!

  2. The eyes are a little high, if you give it a little more forehead, I think you will like it better. Over all, it's great!

  3. I think the eyes level would look ok, but they are a bit too large for the overall size of the face,which I think makes the forehead look tiny.

    But I agree with you this is something that takes lots and lots of practice! I used to try to draw faces all the time...have not done it in years!

    good to see you working on art!

  4. I too, cannot draw a straight line. You did really good here. I'm working on gaining confidence in myself in order to LET GO and create. Do you recommend Suzi Blu's class for a novice like myself?