Monday, February 15, 2010


I spent the day today just doing backgrounds in my journal. Didn't write anything... didn't "finish" anything... just made backgrounds. At the end my hands were full of paint and I was happier than a kid in Disney!

Last week I posted pictures of some journals I had completed and also posted a picture of five paper blocks which were already sewed and glued and waiting to become journals. Well I finished those today too but added one more. Yes, I know it seems like I've gone crazy making journals but they are so easy to make and it's so awesome to know I have TONS of them just waiting to be filled! The six I made today are all 6x8 and although it is not my favorite size (I prefer the 8x10) these Fabriano sheets come pre-scored in a box from Dick Blick and that means no cutting or scoring! Can't beat that with a broom stick right? One box brings 100 pages, I use 16 in each journal (for a total of 64 pages per journal) so I can get 6 journals from each box!


  1. O my gosh Elena these are absolutely terrific.
    You did a wonderful job on them
    Pretty pretty!!!!
    Im so proud of ya!

  2. Beautiful journals, Elena! I've been spending a lot of time making backgrounds also, using paint and inks. Such fun!

    Nancy Allen

  3. Glad you had so much fun making your backgrounds.

    These journals look great. I'll have to check out the paper. I like this size of journal.

  4. Elena, these are just gorgeous! My next endeavor is to learn to bind books so I can make my own journals too. This class may be just the thing for me. Now to save up for it and finish the others I've begun, lol. Beautiful work!

  5. Elena, I am loving your journals. I have been dragging my feet about signing up for an online class. I am so not good with learning on my own. I really think I need to do this one though. I remember when she first launched it. I was so excited and financially it wouldn't work. I am hoping soon to be able to lay out the money for this. I love making my own journals. Yours are the first ones I've seen as a result of Julie's class and I love them.