Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is a really neat idea by Monica Zuniga . You first make a background using no more than two colors (I used blue and white). You need an image of a woman from a magazine. Look for one with great eyes! Then you tear out the eyes, part of the forehead and upper nose from a magazine. You glue that image down with Gel Medium. You then use a charcoal pencil to draw the remainder of the face (from the eyes down and from the eyes up.) The key is the blending and the shading. I still have to work on the shading .. I just don't "get it".

Anyway, you then use your two colors of paint to make the hair. I added some yellow ochre to it because it looked to "blah" with just the blue and white. I then added some rub-ons and some stickles and there you go! I really like the way it came out although I was not able to do it the way I wanted to given the limited space. I used my journal which is 8x10 and that really is not enough space to do this the right way. I like the way it came out though and will be trying it in an even smaller journal to see what happens.


  1. Elena,
    This is wonderful. It captured my attention immediately. She looks ghostlike. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing the how-to also.

  2. wow... you keep impressing me! I need to go to Key Largo!!!!!!

  3. Elena that face is awesome...I will want to try that for sure
    Ill teach you how to shade when I get there....if you want
    its easy peasy xxxx

  4. That looks like fun and something I will have to try this weekend!

  5. I clicked the link yu gave - this is better than the teacher's!