Saturday, November 21, 2009


I had a play date today with Patty and Linda - my scrapbooking buddies. I love these play dates and totally enjoy their company. They are both fantastic ladies and it's my privilege to call them my friends.

I actually did got some scrapbook layouts done today!! Woo HOO!! I'm about a year and half behind on my scrapbooking. It seems like journals and mixed media art take up all my time now.

Anyway, I worked on two of the JOURNAL OF DREAMS. I have Sue's here and finished hers. I also did a page for Gina even though I have not yet received her journal. Might as well get a head start right??

These are the two pages for the journals.

I also did 4 "mini cards" for a swap on The Sum of All ATCs group. They are the size of atc cards. They were quick and easy. They will be on their way to Lori on Monday.

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  1. Well, Your Royal Zettiness, you really have become a Zetti queen. These pages are just wonderful, and Tracy and Gina will love them.
    Oh, love your zentangles too!