Friday, October 10, 2008

A Wedding in Mexico!!!!!!

My son and his fiance finally decided to get married in Riviera Maya Mexico! Woo Hoo!! It will end up being a one week celebration with only the closest family members and friends! Not only am I happy for the vacation (LOL!) I am truly happy with my son's choice for a wife. Marisol is a wonderful girl and if I had chosen someone for him, she would not have been better than this girl! My son is not "easy" but she recognizes and sees the good in him and that's so important. Of course it's an added bonus that she loves scrapbooking and art as much as I do!! We all tease Charlie that he's marrying his mother!!! (That doesn't make him feel all warm and fuzzy...... can't figure it out!!). The wedding will be next June and I can't wait!

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