Thursday, October 9, 2008

Especially Made For......

What a great swap hosted by Lois Richter. The concept is that you send out 9 cards with 9 different names and in exchange each of the players receive 10 cards back with their names on it! Lois makes a card for each of us. It took a little time for me to think of an idea for this ATC - it seemed like I'd never get an "aha" moment on this.... but yesterday I actually finished them! 9 for the swap, an extra 3 cards for kids that Lois is introducing to ATC cards and one other special one!

I had the names of two boys which was a little bit of a challenge (I am a "girlie" designer) but I pulled out my wonderful Tim Holtz embellishments and voila! I've posted the the 3 cards I made for the children and the one "special" card for KATIE, Lois' cat!!!! LOL!!!

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