Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a Thought... Random Musing..... (or maybe just menopause!)

I am a member of various on-line ATC groups and today has been one of those days when I am so glad that I am. I have met such wonderful people - people I would truly love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with... people that I think about and write to just to say "hi" outside of the actual group events. I guess I just wanted to say thank you ... thank you for sharing your life through your art, your blogs and your email. There is so much stress and ugliness out there that I truly look forward to sitting down in the evenings and catching up with you and your lives. To share your excitement at a new creation - a new technique. To hear stories about your children, grandchildren, husbands and pets!!! You have all contributed not only to my art, but to my life and for that I thank you.

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