Thursday, October 9, 2008

Message in a Bottle

I have today joined this absolutely WONDERFUL project. It's exactly what it sounds like! A Message in a Bottle! A message of artistic unity.

The premise of this project hosted by Lisa Volrath is simple yet genius! You fill a bottle (water bottles!) with emphemera - lace, embellishments, buttons, - little treasures to use in ATCs and you add an ATC to it. You mail it out using the address labels that came with the bottle and you sit back and wait to recieve your bottles in the mail! Is this not the most amazing idea?

Go take a look at the site by clicking on the bottle and see for yourself how wonderful this is. Imagine sending bottles all over the world to men and women who love this art form as much as you do! Imagine receiving goodies from all over the world and sharing what you have with those that may not be able to get it where they are from! LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! Definitely a five star event!

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