Monday, July 1, 2013


So here we are, it's Thursday, and I think that a lot of us are star struck by DJ.  There were some in the class who had never been to Donna's studio so I am sure they were double star struck!!!

We got a personal look at DJ's fabulous book (see part 2) and were ready to rock!

The first thing we did was to cut our pages and gesso them.  Jacquie and I used Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso.
This stuff is AMAZING!!!  The texture it makes on your pages is outrageous.  Smooth and just gorgeous.  Donna recommended it and let us take it back to the hotel to gesso our pages (it absolutely needs to dry over night).  We also used paints, sprays, gesso and everything else we could get our hands on to color our fabric strips.

Bill has the greatest personality!

Donna had bought Karma a few days before the workshop and had her in a little bag the entire weekend to "bond" with her new baby!  Is she not the cutest thing EVER?  (Karma Donna, Karma!)



And so we end Friday!  The days don't last!!!

In the meanwhile, Donna's mom cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us!  
She is a wonderful cook and everything, as always, was great!

Then of course there is Donna's candy bar!

The best part????? A container full of Bit O Honey!!

The day went by so quickly!!  We took our pages back to the hotel and gessoed them.  Jacquie and I had pages all over our hotel room.

We were tired but so anxious to go back the next day and DO IT.

TOMORROW:   The last post on this wonderful workshop and pictures of our journals!  I was very happy with my journal despite the fact that there are certain things I will do differently once I take it apart!  LOL!!!


  1. Bit o honey is my favorite!!

  2. I did not get one photo of your journal, so am anxious to see it. And what do you mean by "take it apart?" Are you mad?????

  3. It looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time! How wonderful. I'm taking class with Donna in NJ at the end of the year, but sure hope someday to get to her studio.