Saturday, July 6, 2013


Back in April I bought MERMAID CIRCUS,  an online class by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. I love Jane Davenport and anyone who knows me at all knows that Teesha is my hero!

The class was pricey ($200) but it sounded like so much fun!  I ADORE mermaids so how could I not LOVE this class right?

I hope everyone who is taking it really loves it.

I have to admit to being disappointed.

I can't even put my finger on why,  but I really am.   Maybe I am just not INTO it yet you know?  But that is my biggest issue with this class!  It closes in August (I believe on the 30th) and you have no access to it any longer.  THAT bothers me.  ALOT.

If I pay $200 for a class I expect to be able to access it 4-ever or at least to be able to download it.  I guess I should have looked into this in the first place but I have purchased other Jane Davenport classes and they have not been limited like this.

I guess five months should probably be enough to do a class but not all of us have the time to do that and other times we are just not "feeling" it yet.  You know?

I don't know.....  maybe it's just me.


  1. That was a very expensive on line class and the limited access sucks. I hate to see these talented ladies become all about the money!
    A rip off!

  2. I'd be disappointed too - I think if you pay for a class, even if you finish it within a given time, it's nice to revisit. This could be a year later when doing something else that reminds you of it, or a month later when you feel ready to re-try something that didn't quite go to plan, or... you get the idea. Sorry you didn't like it.
    To make you smile though - qhen I was little and in the bath washing my hair, my mum would tell me to lie back so all my hair went in the water. Of course, having long hair, it all spilled out in the water around me - I used to love this, it made me feel just like Ariel. (And, I will admit - even now in the swimming pool outside when it's quiet in there, I still pretend I could be a mermaid now...! hehe!) You've made me want to go off and journal now, Elena...see this class was not wasted ;)
    Rach.x (thepinkrachael)

  3. That is beautiful Elena! I love those painted pages. I don't like too many pages in my journals either, but it still looks fantastic!