Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School

I can not shake the horror if this tragedy. It has affected me deeply as I am sure it has affected everyone around the world. I feel as devastated by this incident as I did after the 911 attack on New York.

My heart breaks for those parents. Any time would be awful but it has to be especially horrible during the Christmas holidays. Those family will NEVER be able to live through another Christmas without returning to this horrific event.

I think the feeling that is strongest is the feeling of total impotence. I dont know any of the victims or their families. Yet I am pulled to go to Newtown.... To HUG someone. You know what I mean?

What can we do? Not just for Newtown but for this entire country? What can we do about these senseless, horrible murders? How can this country not react when we see TWENTY families are burying their children?!

I heard on HLN that there were 16 "mass murders" in this country this year alone.

Why in the WORLD would this country sell these weapons to ANYONE???? What is the justification for anyone to own that type of weapon? A weapon that can kill so many people in a matter of seconds!?

I personally have serious issues with the NRA but I do understand the that the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms.

But does anyone really believe that the men who created that right had any IDEA of what an assault rifle would be or how many people it could kill?? Do you think they had ANY idea of what the citizens of this country would turn against their own?

It is inconceivable to me that this country has become the joke of the world. With all our Freedoms we can no longer live in freedom from fear.

Other countries live in fear of violence, of atrocious actions by their own people.

This country with its wonderful opportunities and all these 'freedoms' ---- except for the freedom from fear. We are living with the very fears and questions that so many people who live in 3rd world countries live with this same fear.

And THIS is growth? They want teachers to take weapons to school!!!! Doesnt any one see that this is so wrong on so many levels!????

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  1. I totally, TOTALLY agree with you. First of all, I just got an email tonight about arming teachers. REally? REALLY? so let's see, teachers are supposed to be counselors, tech manners, teach anti bullying, teach values, and oh by the way fit in a few subjects, and now they are supposed to be gunslingers? Puleez. And how does that help us when we're in theaters, in court houses, in subway cars?

    NRA will come out with whatever they say. We need to stand strong and say no more weapons of mass destruction. No more.

  2. Wow Elena. You worded all this perfectly. I can't seem to get this out of my head and it keeps reminding me of 911 too. My mom and me were talking about this yesterday and she told me that when us kids were younger it made her feel good to know we were in school because she knew we were safe there. How scary must it be for any parent to send their children to school after this and wondering what horrific things might happen.