Monday, September 5, 2011


Hope you guys had a great Labor Day weekend.  I had the grand daughters here all weekend so got nothing else done but hanging with them!

They left early today and my husband and I went jet skiing with my daughter and her boyfriend.  We had not done that for a while (jet skiing) and we had a great day.  The weather was amazing, the ocean a platter of blue hues...

We were sitting on the pier after we brought the skis in just relaxing before loading them on the trailer when a school of dolphins came up a few feet from us. They were jumping in the air and playing... it was just such an amazing sight!

We see dolphins all the time but not this close up and not in such a splendid display of fun and beauty.  It makes me sigh just to remember how gorgeous they are.

You know how everyone tells you to watch out for those "special moments" in your day?  Well this was just magical.  The sun was setting in the horizon.. the sky was blue and orange and yellow... and here are these wonderful wonderful creations of God just having a fabulous time playing and showing off....

Just doesn't get any better than this.  Hope your weekend held some magic for you too.


  1. You needed, and deserved to, see these special creatures. Glad you received this gift.

  2. Fabulous seeing dolphins like that,is it not?They always bring me joy!