Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Not perfect by a long shot but not too bad for my first video!  I really love this book and wanted to share!

I made this mini book using a tutorial by Kathy from Paper Phenomenon.  If you are not familiar with this site or with Kathy please go by and say hi!  Not only is she incredibly talented, but she's got a fantastic personality that makes her videos really enjoyable.

Anyway, without further adoooooooo..... here you go!  It says CLICK HERE TO CHANGE TITLE but I have no idea why!!!  Just watch the video!!  LOL!!!

The paper I used is by DCWV and it's called Tattered Time.


  1. i love you very first video
    You did an awesome job my friend!!!!!
    Nice to see the book too ...its gorgeous
    check out my new group.

  2. Very good job, Elena! The video, I mean. I don't think I have to tell you how fabulous the book is!

  3. Very good video...and great book. Such simple items have turned into Cinderella!!...vbg

  4. Great book and great job on the vid too!
    Love ya!

  5. Your video is great and your book is awesome.
    As for the text that's at the front of the video.....when you're editing a video, the software allows one to add text to the the wording that shows on your video is a 'prompt' suggesting text addition. Hope that helps. :)

  6. First of all.... do not apologize for anything in your video! It was all perfect! You stayed right in the middle of the focus, voice clear, images clear... not to mention totally INSPIRING!! Wonderful, wonderful production!
    Secondly... I'm checking out how you made that book. It's really fabulous! I'm going to a baby shower next month, so I might try baby papers.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Sweet Blessings, Chris

  7. Elena, that was fabulous. I love that you got right to the point with the video and that we were able to see all the things you wanted us to look at really clearly. You have a super speaking voice--perfect for recording! So this book can be made using any themed papers?

  8. watch out Tim.... here comes Elena!!!!! I love your first video!!!!!! Kathy leaves close to me (Pensacola) and she is amazing!!!!

  9. Awesome book Elena! Thanks for sharing the link too. I'll go check out her blog. :)

  10. Great job on the video and the book, Elena. I really enjoyed watching the video - it was very clear and well made. Love love love the book, and I saw lots of Tim papers in there. Your choices of paper and trim are great.

    Meredith in NC

  11. Wonderful video!! Fantastic mini book - just loved all those chunky tags and extra pages. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Simply wonderful. I love the papers and all the tags and such. Wow!!

  13. Great production for your first video, Elena! The journal is pretty fab, too. There are not enough hours in the day, are there....have a wonderful cruise!
    XXO GG