Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This past weekend my friend Jacquie and I attended a workshop with collage artist Derek Gores.   Jacquie purchased the workshop for both of us.  She is one of the kindest most generous women I have ever met.

I have to admit I didn't like him as a teacher per se... he was not very interactive with the students and frankly spent most of his time working on his things, but there is no doubt that guy is a genius with collage work.

We were told to bring a picture with us that we would do the collage off of.  You then make a sketch of your picture on a 16x16 canvas with pencil and basically fill it in with pieces of magazines! It sounds simplistic but there is really a lot of thought and work that goes into it.  I took a picture of my dad and this was my collage:

I don't have the original picture to upload right now but will do so later on this evening so that you can compare.  I am really happy with the way it came out and plan to do more of these.  The entire process is long but very meditative.  I really enjoyed the process.


  1. Holy Smokes this looks like a lot of work! It actually looks like it was very relaxing to work on. It turned out really cool, I've always like these mosaic type collages.

  2. Wow,Elena! Very very cool! I just love this! And a great likeness too,if I remember! Who did Jacquie do?wonderful job!

  3. Amazing what can be done with torn magazines! Great job!!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love the effect you achieved with this collage! If I could achieve results like this, I'd be willing to sit through some slightly boring instruction. Absolutely worth it!!

  5. Elena, this is amazing! I have never thought of doing something like this, but L.O.V.E. this idea! I'm so glad I decided to read your post on Blissfully Art Journaling! Thank you for sharing this. I will dream about this process tonight!

  6. Beautiful, very theraputic for you I am sure. xox

  7. What a great piece of art! I love the highlights and shadows. Plus using magazines and seeing each page for the color rather than content is very cool. This is a technique I'd love to learn.

  8. Elena that is gorgeous
    looks just like your dad !!!

  9. This is a really cool technique and one that I'm going to try, albiet without an instructor. Good job!

  10. Elena, this is soo very awesome!! If my memory serves me correctly, it is an excellent likeness :) What a wonderful piece of art, and tribute to your Dad to brighten your walls!

    oh, I forgot you have that sneaky kind of word verification, I almost went on my merry way, and then the comment wouldn't have made it through.