Sunday, August 23, 2009


I buy just about EVERYTHING I hear about!!! Sometimes I am ecstatic about what I purchased, other times not so much.... These are the new toys for this week:

RAPIDOGRAPH PENS!! They are absolutely wonderful! Pricey but well worth it! They are pens used for detailing (before CAD I think). They use this wonderful India Ink (which comes in various colors). The ink flows dark and even and writes over just about everything! I have yet to find something it doesn't write over perfectly with an even and gorgeous ink flow.

If you are doing any type of journaling at all this is the pen to get!

SHIVA OIL PAINT STICKS: Wonderful flow, wonderful colors. I am using them on my journal pages and in my moleskin journal and I adore the way they look and feel. The colors are "dreamy" - smooth and gorgeous.

SENNELIER EXTRA SOFT PASTELS AND OIL PASTELS: The oil pastels are wonderful, it feels like you are drawing/painting with a lipstick!!! Beautiful sheen to the colors, easy to spread. The Soft Pastels are creamy and silky and the colors are wonderful!!! I think I like the oil pastels the best of the two.... have to play with them some more first.

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