Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am participating in a "mini-journal" in one of my groups (The Sum of All ATCs) called 'Meditate and Create". It's a 5x5 journal. There are 5 artists in each group who work on all the journals in a circle. The journal owner chooses a topic for the artists to "meditate" on and create a work of art from. I have chosen the following topic:

You are walking along the sand and find a lamp. (Yep! You guessed it!! It's a MAGIC lamp). The genie that comes from this lamp is a mixed media artist at heart and gives you this one wish: If you could make the world primarily one color, what color would that be and why?

Yep!!! Meditate my friends................. and create!

Oh yea, these are the pictures of my mini journal. The front, the side and the binding which I'm quite proud of!

I am hosting another circle journal called JOURNAL OF DREAMS. It is going to be so cool! Each artist (there are 16 of us) will create a journal page based on her dreams. I decided to do a hardcover journal for this. I have not been able to bind it yet because I have not received the binding cloth yet but this is the front cover. This journal will be 8 1/2 x 11.

Can you tell I love purple???

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