Thursday, April 23, 2009

Projects, many projects!!!

Ali Brandist, a wonderful friend and artist who lives in the UK invited me to join her, Mima (her auntie), Lillian Mederak and Gina Goodling in a new project she has called Paris Tags. Each of us initially makes 5 tags and sends them on to the other artists to add things. The first part of the project is to do the backgrounds on the 5 tags, do the first "title tag" and the back of that title tag for the artists to sign as they work on your tags.

These are the front and back of the first tag which I did last night. I chose not to do paper backgrounds. Instead I made the tags from my very favorite thing in the world - grunge - and painted the grunge tags with Moon Shadow Mists. I LOVE these mists. They are gorgeous. The image on the front of the tag is my favorite image - has been for a long time - from Artchix Studios. I use this image ALOT. This particular image screams Paris to me for some reason (not that I have ever been in Paris!!!). Anyway, this is the beginning of this project and I'm loving it already!!! It will be on it's way to Lillian in Canada by the end of the week.

I just finished working on Martha's 4x4 Circle Journal for the other project we are doing with Ali. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get my head around this one! The stamp that Martha sent was a bird!!! That should have been so easy!!! But I am not really happy with the result.... I don't know what's missing but it just doesn't do it for me. I did my best and this journal is on it's way to Heather in the UK.

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  1. Beautiful tag!! What a great idea you all have.